V-1 Mircro Ginger      V-2 Cigar / Crown    V-3Triple Sonia

V-4 Halikulani             V-5 T Tub / Nt          V-6 Kukui Nut / mc

V-7 He'ee / Den          V-8 Bozu / C Heart   V-9 Ti Maile / Dens


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The extra $50.00 charge which included:

Saturday Delivery $13.00    Forward Address delivery $12.00.   Priority Overnight Service $10.00 to $25.00.

Note: We have no intention to forward those charge to you, however, we do received a few complaint that they did not receive any Leis, even they have been placed Lei order online and miss their important event due with insufficient info.

Therefore We advise all our valuable customer, please take a few minutes to complete the Lei selection Form and Lei Order Form with sufficient Info then this option will not be necessary and your Leis will ship out on time.











CAUTION!!    READ THE IMPORTANT NOTE BEFORE YOU CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON                  Recipient available on Weekend 

Sorry, We may not issue any refund or credit to any late delivery if our shipping company ( Federal Express ) failed their delivery commitment. However, We will forward your claim to their cargo claim dept to ask for a fair settlement, but your refund is  guaranteed by Federal Express not our company.


Hawaiian Lei description field ( option only )

2-Tuberose / Carn $7.75                20-Kukui Nut / mc $19.75                4-Micronesian Ginger $22.75

Note: Please enter your Lei order in this additional field if you couldn't find any of your favorite Lei on the above Leis selection. However, this field is designed for simple order and may not suitable for any complicated order.











Note: The size of the Lei will alternated the shipping charge, for instance, we can pack 20 single Tuberose Leis into No 10 Box ( $48.50 ) because they are small Leis. But the No 10 Box won't able to carry  15 Sonia Leis, because their Leis size are 4 to 5 time bigger then the Single Tuberose Lei. Therefore, the No 9 Box is suitable for the 15 Sonia Orchid Leis and your shipping charge is $55.50 instead $48.50.





















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